Jim Keefe – C2E2 2015




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Mini Joe Kubert School Reunion

Surprise guests came to visit this past weekend (thanks to Deb’s planning).
Just like old times – and I mean that in the best of ways…

GQKubiesStanding: Mark McMurray and Brian Bilter – Sitting: Jim Keefe


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John Romita

January 24 is John Romita’s birthday (born 1/24/1930).


To celebrate, here’s just a few of the iconic Spider-Man images he’s drawn over the years, grabbed off the web from ComicArtFans, Heritage, Romitaman.com and elsewhere.

(Click on pics to see larger.)









Iconic moment from Amazing Spider-Man #50 (July 1967) used for the 2004 Sam Raimi movie, Spider-Man 2.

Iconic moment from Amazing Spider-Man #50 (July 1967) used for the 2004 Sam Raimi movie, Spider-Man 2.






















A legend in the field (and one of my personal favorites),
here’s wishing John Romita a Happy Birthday!


For more John Romita art, check out…
John Romita – Creating Mary Jane
Holiday Greetings – Stan Lee & John Romita
John Romita Artist Edition Volume 2

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Cartooning Class – Washburn High School

Looking forward to the cartooning class I’m teaching at Washburn High School in Minneapolis, MN today (1/14/2015) by way of the Washburn Arts Council’s Fall Arts Gala.


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French Cartoonists Murdered

From Euronews: Spotlight on the murdered cartoonists.

Bios of the Victims – from the Los Angeles Times

Arab newspapers’reaction.

The following link is to an editorial by Ted Rall.


“I’d like to ask them: how weak is your faith, how lame a Muslim must you be,
to allow yourself to be reduced to the murder of innocents,
over ink on paper colorized in Photoshop?”

– Ted Rall

France.cartoonistsFour drawing instruments for the four cartoonists.
Thoughts and prayers to the friends and families of all the victims.



-Jim Keefe

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Swamp Thing Stolen Art

From Stephen Bissette’s Facebok page:

With SWAMPMEN out this week (from Jon B. Cooke, George Khoury, TwoMorrows, 2014), it’s time to remind everyone in the community that the painted cover art to SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING #34 and the final page of that issue (“Rites of Spring”) are STILL STOLEN PROPERTY.


These belong to John Totleben and yours truly, Stephen Bissette—only they don’t, because they were stolen right out of the DC Comics offices in 1984-85.
These are STILL STOLEN PROPERTY. Anyone owning, trafficking, trading, or harboring this original art—SOTST #34 cover painting and the final story page—is involved (knowingly or unknowingly) in criminal activity.

John and I also have children; mine are now adults. They are looking, too. Even after we’re dead and gone, this will be sought-after STOLEN PROPERTY.
This is not going to “go away.”

- Stephen Bissette


Note: Comic book writers and artists who work for companies like Marvel or DC are required to sign work-for-hire contracts which seriously restrict the income they can earn from the properties they work on and characters they create for those companies.

An important source of revenue for artists is the sale of their original art. Stolen art takes away a vital means of support for the artist that created it.

If you have any info on the artwork shown, Stephen Bissette can be reached though his Facebook page or on Twitter.

- Jim Keefe

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Sally Forth – New Character Designs

A quick look behind the scenes of the January 4, 2015 Sally Forth Sunday page.
First off, how the characters originally looked.

The following is Francesco Marciuliano’s description of the new look for the characters from the script.

This is a redesign for Alice that hews closer to her look in the flashback strips in October. Though Alice does not have a Rachel cut she does have something far more flattering and softer than her classic look. She may even have hipster black frame glasses (though not big ones).

Alice from the flashback strips.

Alice from the flashback strips.

This is the first time we see Hilary, Nona, and Faye all as twenty-somethings. I very much like the style you have used to show other female characters in the strip (like the guests at Jackie’s baby shower) and would love to have you employ that in the looks of these three characters, while keeping true to who they are.

Jackie's Baby Shower

Jackie’s Baby Shower


And here’s the pencilled version of the characters along with the inks.
Note: Click on images to see larger.


My notes on the characters…

Alice: Hair is a more mature version of the hairstyle in the flashback strips – beehive a thing of the past. Glasses updated as well.

Hillary: Casual updo – last minute kind of style born of procrastination. I tried short hair, but ends up too similar to Jackie

Nona: Cropped shorter – she wants something easier to manage as looks aren’t her focus. Beautiful but unaware of it.

Faye: I see her experimenting more – trying out colors. soft magenta tips. I was thinking a small tattoo but nixed it as it seemed borderline cliche.

And last but not least, the color guide followed by the finished piece.


For how the color notations work, check out my post, Coloring the Sunday Comics.


I hope you enjoyed this little look behind the curtain on the Sally Forth strip.

If Sally Forth isn’t in your local paper you can check it out online at…


A yearlong subscription to all of King Features’ comics (new and vintage) plus two years worth of archives for every single strip is a pittance at $19.99 a year. Unsure? Try a 7 day trial subscription for free.

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